On Anger, Power and Displacement in the Hugos

On anger, power and displacement Today I’d like to talk about anger, power and displacement. For anyone who isn’t familiar with the term displacement, it’s the idea that when a person of lower power or status feels threatened by a person of higher power or status, the threatened one will often displace their anger onto […]

The Disavowal

There’s a call in certain corners of the internet for disavowals from people on the Sad Puppies slate.  Here’s mine: I disavow racism wherever I find it. Calling someone a half-savage because of race? I disavow it. Denying someone’s ethnicity and heritage because that makes it easier to stereotype them as  white oppressors? I disavow […]

Where to find TOTALED

ETA: Galaxy’s Edge has re-released TOTALED on their website. Hi, folks, My short story TOTALED first appeared in Mike Resnick’s Galaxy’s Edge #9 in July of 2014. That issue is no longer available online, but you can buy it as an ebook at many online booksellers. TOTALED can be found in  The Best of Galaxy’s […]

My Con and Workshop Schedule for 2015

Here’s what 2015 looks like so far in terms of cons and workshops. February – Superstars Writing Seminar April – Writers of the Future workshop and awards ceremony July – David Farland’s Master Worldbuilding workshop August – Sasquan, my first WorldCon – YAY!! November – Loscon 42