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Get three freebies, including my newest story, from Phoenix Pick and Galaxy’s Edge

Galaxy's Edge, Issue 19, March of 2016

Galaxy’s Edge, Issue 19, March of 2016

My newest story is live in Issue 19 of Galaxy’s Edge.

Shattered Vessels, co-written with the talented Robert B Finegold, is a tale of love and loss, adventure and mysticism, and one too many knife fights.  It will take you from ancient Assyria to the Pyrenees to modern day San Francisco.

The issue is free to read until the next issue goes live (at which point the link I’ve included will take you to Issue 20 or beyond).

If you enjoy Galaxy’s Edge, please consider subscribing.


Best of Galaxy's Edge (2014-2014)

Best of Galaxy’s Edge (2014-2014)

Now for Freebies #2 and #3 – Please follow the instructions carefully!

Galaxy’s Edge is celebrating its fourth year in business, and in true Hobbit style, YOU get the presents.

1)  Go to the Phoenix Pick website.

2)  Scroll down a little until you find The Best of Galaxy’s Edge (2013-2014) in the anthologies section.

3)  Click “Publisher’s Direct EPUB” or “Publisher’s Direct MOBI” to put the ebook in your shopping cart.

4)  Enter GE3E (for the EPUB) or GE3M (for the mobi) in the Discount Code box.

5)  Viola!  Free ebook!

6) The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed a pink box at the top of the Phoenix Pick page. That’s a Pay What You Want (including nothing) deal on The Long Tomorrow by Leigh Brackett, plus a cheap three-book bundle featuring more Brackett, Hal Clement, Fred Pohl and others. The bundle isn’t free, but it’s a great deal on some classic SF.

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Get four Writers of the Future anthologies for 99 cents each

Here’s the Writers of the Future sale I promised.  Galaxy Press is offering a killer deal on Volumes 26, 27, 28 and 29 of the popular Writers of the Future series.

If you like short fiction and discovering new writers, these are perfect for you. If you’re a writer or illustrator who’s thinking about entering, one of the best ways to learn what the contest likes is to read the anthos.

Here are your links.

Writers of the Future, Vol. 26

Writers of the Future, Vol. 26


Writers of the Future, Vol. 27

Writers of the Future, Vol. 27


Writers of the Future, Vol. 28

Writers of the Future, Vol. 28


Writers of the Future, Vol. 29

Writers of the Future, Vol. 29


P.S. I love the cover for V29 because it looks like Mr. Jetpack is standing on a pile of pancakes, one foot firmly planted on either side of the butter.  😀




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Free mini eARC for #WOTF31! Who wants one?

Hi, all!

In the next day or so, I will have a mini eARC for volume 31 of Writers of the Future to distribute to anyone who is willing to leave an honest review on launch day (or thereabouts).

Here are the deets:

Writers of the Future, Vol. 31

  • The mini eARC (PDF) will only have three or four of the stories in it. If you want to read them all, look for the mini eARCs being offered by some of my co-authors. Gotta catch ’em all!
  • The launch is scheduled for May the 4th. May the Fourth be with you!  How awesome is that?
  • In your review, it’s fine to mention that you haven’t read all of the stories, and please do mention that you received a free sample copy.
  • If you want one, please say so in the comments. Once I’ve got the file, I’ll send it to the email address used for your comment. (In other words, don’t post your email in the comment itself. I can see it in the admin interface.)
  • If I get a lot of requests, please give me a day or two to get back to you.
  • If you buy the paper copy and we ever meet at a con or workshop (*ahem* Sasquan), I will be happy to sign it for you!
Oh, and here’s a plug for my story, POSEIDON’S EYES.
In a sleepy California beach town, spirits magnify both the good and the evil in human hearts.

Many thanks!


ETA: I’ve also got two 99 cent sales for you!  Mike Resnick’s Best of Galaxy’s Edge has 25 short stories in it, including my Hugo nominee, and Writers of the Future, Volume 29 (not the current volume) is also on sale. Grab them fast because I don’t know how long the sales will last.

Reminder: Comments are moderated, and may not appear in a timely fashion if I’m busy writing or away from my computer.

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FIRST CALL is live!

The first Farthane story went live today. It’s one part ancient cataclysm, one part mystical order and one part little girl with kitten. For my friends at Writers of the Future, this was my Q1 entry.

First Call: A Farthane Story

“When the Call comes, it must be obeyed.”

Since the time of shadow and ash, the citizens of Eriyu have been guided by the Judicars, a mystical order devoted to Truth. Jerra, a young initiate, is ready to face the final trial that will allow her to become a full-fledged Judicar. But Truth isn’t easy to see, especially when her own mentor turns against her.

Length: approx. 6,200 words, including a short novel excerpt
Genre: fantasy, action & adventure, strong female characters
Market: written for adults but YA-friendly (no swearing, no sex)

P.S. If you’re looking for the Farthane website, it will be live soon. For now, feel free to hang out here.   🙂

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Free Today: The Golden Queen and “For Tomorrow We Diet”

David Farland and I are offering wholesale nfl jerseys freebies today. Click the cheap mlb jerseys covers to get his novel, The Gala Golden Queen, and my short story, “For Tomorrow We Diet,” today only.

Product Description
When Gallen O’Day is hired GX to as a bodyguard to escort a young woman aanvragen through the woods to the forbidden ruins at Geata Na Chruinn, it seems like an ordinary job—but all too soon, he finds himself fleeing for his wholesale nba jerseys life from creatures that seem like escapees from a nightmare—the alien dronon, led by their golden queen. of With his best friend, a genetically engineered talking bear named Orick, wholesale mlb jerseys and his girlfriend Maggie, Gallen soon RBC finds himself tangled in an 2 interstellar war that he never knew existed, racing across a host of worlds, confronted by a future unlike any that he had ever imagined.

“I don’t read much horror, but this evil little example Judges: was very entertaining.”
–Steven Mitchell
Product Description
Merry couldn’t believe her luck when she for discovered a magic tea that would grant her deepest desire. In fact, the only problem she could think of was figuring out how quickly wholesale mlb jerseys to drink it. Could a perfect life be just a few sips away?

Length: 2,000 words (short story)
Genre: light horror, dark humor, satire included

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A Tale of Two Ebooks

Ok, maybe three, but who’s counting?

Last night, I found myself at loose ends and wanting a new book to WOTF read. I cheap nfl jerseys was willing Dear to spend up Ulangan to $10, maybe a bit more.

The first book I considered was Throne of the Crescent Moon, by Saladin Ahmed. It’s gotten good reviews, and Arab worlds are one of my favorite alternate-history settings. CAPER Ahmed’s book is new, still in hardcover, and the $11.99 Kindle price is more than I wanted to pay. Gritting my teeth in frustration, I decided to see if other books I’d been watching might be cheaper.

Melanie Rawn is another favorite of mine, and I heard she had a new book out. Even better, the book is set in alternate-England and deals with a theatrical troupe. Score! Alas, no, Touchstone (The Glass Thorns) was a dollar more than Ahmed’s book at $12.99. Thank you, next?

Then I remembered Robin Hobb. I’d been waiting well over a year for a Refer new dragon book, so maybe hers was out in paperback and the ebook might be cheaper? No such luck. City of Dragons: Volume Three of the Rain Wilds Chronicles was released in February, and the Kindle version is a scream-inducing $14.99.

Here’s the thing. I like hardcovers, and I’ll happily pay hardcover prices for a book I really cheap mlb jerseys want. In ar fact, I’ll even buy two formats, hard and e-, if it’s something I like to have with me while traveling. But therein lies the rub. I’m traveling at the moment and specifically needed an ebook.

When one knows, as I wholesale nfl jerseys do, that the publisher gave up higher royalties for the ‘privilege’ of sticking me with a $15 price tag, the buying experience leaves one feeling a bit raw. In fact, it drives one to quips about sodomy, buggery and being bent over a fence rail without benefit of lube.

Even more ludicrous is knowing that insane price points on ebooks are throwing double or triple money at Amazon compared to what Amazon would get if the books were priced more reasonably. Using round numbers, Amazon gets nearly $10 out of a $15 sale wholesale mlb jerseys but only $3.50 out of $9.99.

So, yeah. Way to go Big 6. Pouring buckets of money into your competitor’s coffers looks like an *awesome* business strategy. Bet it took lots of MBAs to come up with that one.

If any one of the books above had been priced at $9.99, I’d have bought it. And I did buy an ebook last night, just not one of those three. I’ll wait for paper, get them used or wait for the ebook price to fall.

The Alchemist Of Souls, by Anne LyleInstead, I checked out this book, by Anne Lyle:  The Alchemist of Souls: Night's Masque, Volume 1.  Great cover, 4.5 stars, alternate Elizabethan England with a troupe of actors, editorial reviews by Publishers Weekly and Aliette de Bodard. Sold!

And of assuming this is a trilogy, I can buy all three books for the price of the least expensive New York offering above. At first I thought this was an indie book, and for fairly transparent reasons, I’m indie friendly. Instead, this looks like a small press book, and more power to ’em for offering the courtship equivalent of wine, dinner and roses instead of the back-alley manhandling I’ve come to expect out of New York.

Final note: I still want the books by Ahmed, Rawn and Hobb – just not at those prices. My ire lies with the publishers, not the authors.

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