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Dear readers,

The FTC would like me to inform you of the following:

  • This site uses Amazon affiliate links, banners and widgets. If you click one and complete a purchase, Amazon pays me a small commission. This commission does not affect the price you pay, and Amazon does not share any of your personal information with me.
  • Reviews and/or mentions of any product are my own personal and uncompensated opinions. If I receive anything of value (such as a review copy) in relation to one of my posts, I’ll say so in the post itself.
  • Comments are filtered through fine cheesecloth, then grazed on open pastures where they can roam freely, as nature intended. Oops, no wait. They’re moderated. They’ve always been moderated, and they’ll probably stay moderated until the year 2032, when, after sufficient aging in oaken barrels, I’ll roast them by hand and carefully blend them into organic, small batch, artisanal baked goods suitable for any commenting occasion.
  • My favorite ice cream is coffee toffee crunch.

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