An excerpt from POSEIDON’S EYES

An excerpt from Poseidon’s Eyes, my short story forthcoming in Writers of the Future, Volume 31 on May 4th. The illustration is by artist Megen Nelson. Stop by her website and check out her other work! —————– Poseidon’s Eyes Sometimes you can get to know a whole town by understanding just one man. In the […]

My Con and Workshop Schedule for 2015

Here’s what 2015 looks like so far in terms of cons and workshops. February – Superstars Writing Seminar April – Writers of the Future workshop and awards ceremony July – David Farland’s Master Worldbuilding workshop August – Sasquan, my first WorldCon – YAY!! November – Loscon 42

What a difference a year makes

It’s been quite the year. Since my last post about writing, I have: been a finalist twice in Writers of the Future made my first SFWA-qualifying sale signed a multi-volume novel contract completed the first book in the above become a full-time writer who makes a living writing It’s all been such a whirlwind that […]