New theme, who dis?

Hey, all!

It was time for a new look, so make yourselves at home while I tidy up in here.

In the meantime, what have you been up to?

The pandemic hasn’t been easy for us. On the one hand, most of the people I tried to keep alive are still alive. On the other hand, I wish most could have been all.

Like many of you, I got into sourdough, home improvement, and genealogy. Puzzles and Wordle? Not so much. My kid became a paramedic. My nephew joined Sun Devils on the o-line (Forks up!).

What’s that, you want to know about the writing? Well, golly, there’s been some. Never as much as I’d like, and nothing I can announce just yet, but there’s been some.

I’ll keep you posted as the news comes in.



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