The deadline to nominate for the Hugos draws nigh, so vote for what you love

Dear All,

It’s Hugo nomination season. In fact, the deadline to submit your Hugo nominations is Thursday, March 31st.

If you love something, nominate it. It’s really that easy.

  • Your ballot is anonymous.
  • You don’t have to fill out all five slots.
  • You don’t have to fill in all of the categories.
  • You can nominate even if you only read or watched one thing last year.
  • You can start your ballot now and change it or add to it right up until the deadline.

Poseidon's Eyes, by Kary EnglishIf you’d like to consider something of mine, please read Poseidon’s Eyes, a short story published in Volume 31 of Writers of the Future. If you don’t want to buy the whole book, you can read the story for free on Wattpad (you might have to register).

As you read it, I’d like to make a special request. Please don’t nominate the story because you like me or something else I’ve written, because I’m female, to piss someone off or because of what happened last year.

To my mind, there is only one valid reason to nominate something for a Hugo – because you love it.

3 thoughts on “The deadline to nominate for the Hugos draws nigh, so vote for what you love

  1. Congratulations on “Poseidon’s Eyes.” It was my favorite of all the Vol 31 WOTF stories. A friend, Amy Hughes was also in the anthology and I bought the audiobook because of her. I liked your story MUCH better though πŸ˜€

    I would love to know if you are living/writing in the SB/Summerland/Carp area or if the story came from a “vacation.” As a native, I can tell you that you captured the mystique of the geography perfectly.

    I plan to check out some of your other work.

    Well Done,
    Yvette Keller

    1. Hi, Yvette!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the story. πŸ™‚ I was a Summerland native for many years, and my family still visits regularly. Depending on how long you’ve lived there, you might have recognized Peyton, too.



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