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  1. Hi Kary, this is Harry. I’ve just finished reading Totaled, and I love it! I aspire to be a sci-fi writer like you, and I’ve been writing my own sci-fi short stories, it’s definitely not easy! When you first started, how did you get your stories published? Would love to have a conversation with you about your career journey as a writer. Warm wishes, Harry

    • Hi, Harry, and welcome,

      I’m glad you enjoyed Totaled. 🙂

      As for how I got published, I will be posting on that very topic within the next two weeks. The short answer, however, is regular practice and judicious use of crit groups such as Critters and the folks at Baen’s Bar.



  2. Enjoyed reading an excerpt from Poseidon’s Eyes reprinted in Carpinteria Magazine, Winter 2016.
    I lived in Summerland for 23 years and your story made me feel homesick. I also have lived with the fear of radon gas and think I know which quirky local character is the real Peyton Jain. Keep on crafting quixotic tales you are a gem of a writer.

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