My Jovian Award: A Nifty Tilting Planet

Jovian AwardI live in one of those places where the mail doesn’t come to the house. We all have PO boxes, so getting the mail requires a trip to the local post office. And that’s what I was doing a few days before Christmas when an unexpected package arrived. Believe me, no child on Christmas morning could have been more delighted than I was when I saw what was inside.

Yes, Virgina, it was my Jovian Award, and it’s breathtakingly beautiful. The photo doesn’t do it justice. The swirls are a deep, rich purple, and those sparkles near the bottom are coppery. The award is weighty, and it arrived in a velvet-lined presentation box.

The award came with a certificate that praised both the story and the way I conducted myself throughout Hugo season.

I’ll be frank, here – after everything that went on, this brought tears to my eyes. So thank you, Jovians, whoever you are.

Jovian Certificate

10 thoughts on “My Jovian Award: A Nifty Tilting Planet

  1. I felt the same emotions, Kary, when mine came to my P. o. Box. It was a beautiful and thoughtful symbol, as much healing balm as literary statement. There are indeed some real Fans out there.

  2. The award is almost as beautiful as the thought inspiring it and the story deserving it. Mazel tov, Kary. 🙂

  3. I personally think the lower-case “f” in “fannish” was a nice touch. Made me grin, at least. Congrats to you! (You, too, Arlan and Ken!) 🙂

  4. Oh, also, how freaking gorgeous is that thing? I mean I love marbles and that looks like a giant, very pretty, marble! Awesome.

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