Dear WOTF Judges: Please Secure Your Socks

Even if I’m never WOTF there as a winner, attending the Writers of the Future awards ceremony will be one of the high Wholesale Miami Dolphins Jerseys points of my life. I could tell you to about the high production values, the evocative and gasp-worthy dances, the inspiring speeches and the kiss, kiss, bling, bling of the Hollywood red carpet atmosphere, but in truth, those are secondary to the event’s effect on me as a writer.  This event lit a fire in my belly the likes of which I cannot believe.

I’ve been writing full-time for awhile now, mostly private client, non-fiction stuff. But my goal has been to transition to fiction, and like the good Bromo Jane Austen, to earn my zich living from my pen. When non-fiction pays the bills, it’s easy to let fiction slide, to sigh and plod through another assignment while fiction sits lonely in my head. Well, no more.

I’ve never been competitive in the sense of wanting to vanquish others for the sake of a prize. Doing my personal best has always been good enough for me.  Now, however, I am consumed with ambition for WOTF.

Competition? Not so much.

Ambition? Hell, yeah!

I don’t just want to write a good story and hope it places. I cheap nfl jerseys want to blow the Getriebe? thing out of the water and knock the judges’ socks into high orbit. From here on out, I am gunning for Gold.

So, my dear judges, you have been warned. wholesale jerseys Please secure your socks.


P.S. What’s that? You’re only here for the sock garters?  Here Dango they are: SWANclothing Widgets

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