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  1. Found your excerpt for “Poseidon’s Eyes” and … must. have. moar!!! Um, I mean, More _please._ It’s frustrating that there is no notation I can find on your website about when it will be available, or even what it is, really. Short story or novel?
    Your vivid visuals are addictive.
    I found you by following links six deep until I had read “Totaled.” That was remarkable. I felt it was well researched. I could almost give the citations for half the studies you seemed to have referenced. Tasty. Well Done. You have a remarkable skill.
    Now, can I get more of this excerpt?

    • Hi, Chris,

      Thank you for the kind words. 🙂

      Poseidon’s Eyes is my Writers of the Future winner, and it’s in WOTF Volume 31. If you’d like more of a taste before you pop for the whole volume, it’s also available on Wattpad. 😉 I’m planning a novel in the same world, but it will be awhile before I can get to it.


      • Thanks. Wattled is new to me. I will explore it. (I cannot yet tell if it will let me just micro-pay to buy the one story or not.) Probably I will go ahead and get the ebook. Tomorrow when I’m awake. Tomorrow when I’ve recovered, a bit, from “Totaled.” I’m looking forward to that longer effort you promised, and thanks for a prompt reply I didn’t expect.

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